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Video Guestbook Kiosks

A fun and entertaining way to put your wedding guests in the spotlight!

A Guest Factor Video Kiosk The Guest Factor Video Guestbook Kiosk is a fun and entertaining way to put your guests, visitors, attendees or delegates in the spotlight. Capture their thoughts live throughout the event by inviting them to simply touch the screen to add their video messages to your video guestbook. Ideal for every big event from weddings and parties to corporate days out, conferences and exhibitions.

The Guest Factor Video Guestbook has unlimited recording time, giving your guests the opportunity to add opinions, ideas, reminiscences and songs to your video as the day unfolds. Striking, simple to use and inviting, each Guest Factor kiosk has a small footprint but makes a big impact. Our Video Guestbooks have practically unlimited capacity, allowing you to save each and every message. After the event, we provide access to a secure online gallery of all your video clips, as well as a personalised DVD.

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